Vintage American  Props


12007 Vose Street, NoHo 91605



Kitchen & Bar

Electronics & Music


Fabric & Craft

Buckets & Boxes

Ceramics & Decor

Some of Our Credits

Film & Tv

NCX Productions: Dan Patrick Super Bowl Show

CBS Productions: NCIS


Freenjoy Productions: Pink Music Video "Wild Hearts"


Media Mob Productions: Mark West

Papa Octopus Productions: The Reckoning

TJR Films: Taylor Randall Music Video

Humble Tv: Starburst Candy

Lemonade Productions: Anything But the game

Steel Wool Productions: Escape the Prank

Greg S. Reid Production Movie: Wish Man   

Commercial & Print

Amos Styles productions: Strongbow Cider

Real California Milk print campaign

Bau-Da Design: Pepsi 

Xabi Jeans La: Lookbook


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